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Duffcarrick, Ardmore, Co Waterford

A holiday to remember and to cherish

Make Ardmore, Co. Waterford a part of your holiday plans for 2011.  But why Ardmore? Because it is a breathtaking and magical holiday destination. Ardmore is a picturesque seaside village situated in a place of natural unspoiled beauty.

It is the recipient of many prestigious prizes for being Ireland’s tidiest village.  The balmy climate of the sunny southeast is one of its many attractions offering its visitors an elixir for good health and enjoyment. It enjoys rich fishing grounds with a beautiful sheltered harbour and pier.
The cliffs extend for some 3 km and are more or less nesting sites for seabirds. As you stroll the pathway along the cliff’s edge you will catch a glimpse of an extraordinary range of wild birds. These include fulmars, razorbills, guillemots, puffins and herring gulls.
Along the horizon you may glimpse a pod of whales in a playful mood caught in the shafts of light spilling through the clouds. Ardmore is a place steeped in myth and legend.  It is also rich in early Christian buildings.  The Round Tower bekons one’s way to the many eccleseastical structures associated with St. Declan – a Christian missionary who lived circa 416.
Ardmore offers you a very special holiday experience combining modern leisure with good accommodation and facilities in an unique setting.  Come and touch it’s history and the warmth of its people. Take in all the wonders for yourself.  You and your family can join in the activities including fishing, sailing, surfing and swimming.  It boasts one of the safest golden sandy beaches in Ireland.
Ardmore offers superb restaurants serving local seafood, pubs and art studios awaiting discovery. If you holiday in Ardmore you will discover it’s many treasures and enjoy them with your family. You could almost begin to love Ardmore as much as I do. Ardmore, where all the time in the world is’nt enough. Enjoy it.

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 Hill Walk

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